17 Aug320 Miles of Driving and 1 Fuel Injection Manifold

Here’s a few photos of what I’ve been up to today in my Spitfire. Left the house about 8am to drive down to see Tim (bestquality03), finally got there at 11am with no trouble at all, save for the wipers packing up on the motorway in torrential rain at 80mph 70mph (fusebox contacts…grr..), the cigarette […]

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25 JunFuel Tank and Wideband Progress

I might have my wideband installed by the end of this week, today I took the gearbox tunnel off to figure out where it was going and centre punched the location just after the collector. Tight fit isn’t it!? Also topped up the gearbox oil while I was there, bloody hell replacing a mssing 0.2l […]

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19 JunFuel Tank Mods

Starting to pick up the pace a bit with getting everything together for converting my 1500 to EFI. Current progress includes: EDIS wasted spark ignition has been bedded in and running flawlessly for a few months and many hundreds of miles now. 5/8″ UNF temperature Rover temperature sensor neatly installed and will work great with […]

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17 Mar88 Degree Thermostat


I was digging through an original copy of the parts book today and noticed that the 1500 Spitfire had an 88 degree (celsius) thermostat listed (GTS106) not just for the US cars but for ALL cars. It seems that by the mid 70s, the push towards efficiency and reducing emissions had encouraged Triumph to make […]

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28 FebWhy Carburettors Leak!

Not even Grose jets are infallible, as this photo shows. Had fuel pouring out by the bucketload recently after installing fresh rubber hose (SAE J30R9, ethanol resistant since you asked ;)), because small slivers of rubber move down the system after being cut by the action of pushing the hose onto the metal pipe. You […]

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28 JanElectric Windows!

This is a modification I’d love to try at some point, though I’m not sure there’s enough room in a Spitfire door for both central locking actuators and the electric window motors. However I know these kits can work on their own as I’ve seen it done before on a Triumph Spitfire. The video is […]

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23 DecFootwell Lights

After a tipoff from fellow Spitfire owner Martin Wood, I came across some really cheap LED lights on ebay that can be installed in 12v car wiring. They come in the form of a 30cm strip with self adhesive backing, and are very bright! They’re a lot brighter in person than they look in this […]

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21 DecInjectors Acquired!

Managed to get my fuel injectors this week, Bosch 280150749. These came out of a Rover 216, and were attached to a fuel rail. Doubt I’ll have any use for the rail though. I’ll use the o-rings on them now for fitting/testing, then buy new ones when the system is finished.

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14 NovThe Case For Headlight Relays

Spitfire headlights

I guess this really the first part of a two part guide on how to install headlight relays, although this part doesn’t really feature me doing much (I’m still waiting for the relay holders to arrive). There are several reasons why using relays to activate the headlights are a good idea, including: brighter headlights vastly […]

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29 SepCrash Testing Videos

crash test

Here’s a couple of interesting videos showing what happens to a Spitfire in a frontal and rear impact. The latter one is apparently to test for fuel leaks in event of a crash, this video I hadn’t seen before. The car came out well but it’s still painful to watch this happen to a Spitfire.

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