17 Mar88 Degree Thermostat

thermostatI was digging through an original copy of the parts book today and noticed that the 1500 Spitfire had an 88 degree (celsius) thermostat listed (GTS106) not just for the US cars but for ALL cars. It seems that by the mid 70s, the push towards efficiency and reducing emissions had encouraged Triumph to make the ‘winter thermostat’ standard fitment.

I’ll be trying one soon instead of the 82 degree c stat that’s currently in there now to see the difference. With a full width radiator, thermostatic oil cooler and electric fan, I certainly shouldn’t run into problems with one, and in theory it’ll have the following benefits:

– better mpg as it can run leaner
– better mpg and less engine wear as quicker warmup
– more effective heater unit

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  1. Rick Baines says:

    One additional note, I’ll need to change the electric fan switch when changing to an 88 degree thermostat. The switch in there currently will activate the fan at 90C and turn it off at 83C – if this remained in, the fan would never turn off again!

    Intermotor make some switches that work at 95C-90C so I’ll probably try one of those first.