17 AprAddressing Issues

Ended up having some fuel leakage problems this week. I realised that the injectors were able to slide up and down a bit because the body of the EV6’s allows them to sit deeper into the manifold than the EV1 style injectors we made the manifold/rail assembly for. After installing them all again fully home into the manifold, I then drilled two new bolt locations to attach the fuel rail.

This had the added benefit of not only making the tips of the injectors about 1/4 inch closer to the airflow, it also meant that the injectors seemed to align a lot straighter. After starting the car again today, the AFR’s are richer and the car is idling a lot smoother. Presumably this is because fuel is getting injected more efficiently and more evenly, so it’ll need retuning.

Also got another BIP373 on it’s way so I can do direct coil control and bypass the EDIS unit completely. Using the EDIS makes things a lot easier, but ultimately it’s a bit limiting as you can’t get the megasquirt to cut the ignition. Once I’ve bypassed it, I’ll be looking to implement spark cut rev limiting and traction/launch control.

Also, got the Smiths tach working! Turned out all I needed to do was use the MS3X tach output, no fancy circuits or anything. Can’t believe I repeated the same mistake I made on Megajolt (didn’t try the tach out first in that either).



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