19 MarFull Sequential Injection – now working!

Set up the cam sensor last night. Following the documentation, ie having the crank missing tooth pass the VR sensor then moving it back about 3 or 4 teeth, I end up with the sensor positioned here:

Too close to the plug lead for my liking, and not neat enough.

I just ended up moving the dizzy drive gear, which wasn’t that difficult. I took the opportunity to give the gear a bit of a clean and then reoiled it before reinserting it. Turns out I actually had the wrong TDC anyway but the sensor still came too close to a plug lead, so when taking the drive gear out I positioned it bang on where I wanted it.

Using the composite logger on TunerStudio, I get a perfect sync. It’s interesting to see the crank pulses alongside the cam pulses – whilst they line up closely, the cam pulse isn’t a perfect fraction of the crank. This is why using a distributor for your ignition will never be as accurate as using the crank to control it.

Also took the opportunity to set the timing properly, I’d used a trigger offset from what I remembered the Megajolt having but I’d used -2 instead of +2, which was advancing the ignition a lot more than I actually wanted. Now that’s fixed it idles a lot more smoothly.

First impressions of the sequential just having it idle in the garage are interesting. It’s a hell of a lot smoother yet again, noticeably better than batch fire. Idle is less fussy what AFR you set so I’ve left it on 14.7. Will need to play around with injection angles to get the full benefit of course but things are looking good.

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