Here is a list of parts I’m currently on the lookout for. If you have any to give away or for sale, please let me know!

  • 160022 – Bulb clip & mask – this is the bit that illuminates the heater controls. Was never fitted to UK Spitfires but USA cars had them (also USA TR6s I believe)160022 bulb clip mask
  • 312183 – Skid plate
  • Alloy gearbox bellhousing from early Spitfire
  • Alloy water pump housing for Spitfire/Herald engine
  • Chrome Mk.4/1500 Spitfire door handles (chrome needs to be perfect really)
  • 822431 – Hood stowage bag for hardtop use, black with white piping- it’d be nice to get hold of an original one822431 hood stowage bag
  • ??????  –  Seatbelt stowage clip for inertia reel seatbelt (one of mine is broken, see below):seatbelt clip
  • UKC8135 – Centre cap and badge for 1978 ‘formula type’ steering wheel, in excellent conditionukc8135 centre cap and badge
  • RKC4042 – Motolita factory steering wheel (mid-1978 onwards), or even just the boss from it. similar (if not same as?) to TR8 wheel.motolita RKC4042

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  1. Paul Dennis says:

    I have one of the soft top covers for use when the hard top is in place if you are still looking for one. I bought it off a chap on ebay but its not the type I wanted. I wanted one for summer use, which I now have. I have not used the type you are looking for, and I do not think it was used much – if at all by the chap I bought it off. It appears to be in excellent condition with no rips,tears etc. and all the studs are in place. Let me know if you are interested – I do not know how much it will cost to post. Paul

  2. Kim R says:

    I have a 1976 spitfire 1500, body is shot, but would be willing to sell you anything you might need off of it very reasonable. thought I might sell the whole thing for parts if interested.

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