19 JunFuel Tank Mods

Starting to pick up the pace a bit with getting everything together for converting my 1500 to EFI. Current progress includes:

  • EDIS wasted spark ignition has been bedded in and running flawlessly for a few months and many hundreds of miles now.
  • 5/8″ UNF temperature Rover temperature sensor neatly installed and will work great with MS once I have a decent calibration for it (it’s currently giving temp-corrected advance)
  • Got the 4 injector bosses sat here for installation into my spare original 1500 manifold
  • Cleaned up the rough casting marks inside the manifold and have made a start on gasket matching it
  • Settled on MS3 as the price difference isn’t massive, and some of the extra features (like SD card logging) are worth paying for in my case. Eventually want to try sequential and traction control but for now won’t be getting the MS3X board (gotta save some fun for later!). So will be ordering this at the end of the month.
  • Got my LC-1 wideband and stainless bung, just need to work out precisely where it will fit without fouling anything and get it welded in.
  • Also will be ordering and machining my fuel rail this month.

I’m trying to work out what the best solution is for fuelling, and ideally it’d be an in-tank pump but I can’t see that ever being anything but difficult without getting a brand new tank made up.

I’ve been asking questions on the Club Triumph forum, answers seem to indicate either I’ll be fine with the standark tank outlet as an outlet, and the (currently unused) breather pipe as a return, or that the return might prove a little bit restrictive and overfuel at low rpm. Hmm…

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