18 AugMy New Youtube Channel!

Decided to make a Youtube channel recently, and after testing it out by uploading some videos of Megajolt running in my Spitfire, I took the first proper video today at Stafford. Tim Ward was kind enough to spend a couple of minutes talking about his EFI GT6, and managed to cram loads of information in! So I’m aiming to just keep uploading videos like this as a bit of a resource for us to have on Triumphs and other classics that you can just sit and watch almost like a TV channel.

Here’s Tim’s GT6

My car running on Megajolt (and the old noisy rockers!)

Tach stability with Megajolt

If you guys want to subscribe that’d be ace but I’ll let you know on here as well when I post interesting Triumph ones up. 🙂

2 Responses so far.

  1. Garry Hamblin says:

    Have a 1969 Spit that I would be interesting in converting to EFI

  2. Andy says:

    I am going to start conversion to EFI with my 1968 Spit this year also with adapting EDIS and MS and later on the next move to EFI. Will you four individual throttle valves with integrated fuel rail and pressure regulator.
    But still not finaly dicided about MS II or MS III.