22 FebEFI Update

Haven’t posted this week as I’ve been exhausting myself working on the car. Lots to show though, even if the finishing line still seems distant.

Spent an evening cutting all the Megajolt wires and splicing in the corresponding Megasquirt ones to test the ignition control. This was so easy, though the next day when starting up, had trouble getting an rpm signal from the PIP wire on EDIS – despite being able to get one on the JimStim. This was fixed by taking the MS3 apart whilst running the engine and adjusting the trim pots.

Have a video of the car’s last ever run on carburettors, it’s shaking/stumbling as it’s running very lean. Couldn’t be arsed sorting that out as they were about to be ditched.


The mini MPI temperature sensor works a treat on Megasquirt. I could never find calibration values on Megajolt for it, whereas on this i literally just chose Bosch sensor from the dropdown menu of existing calibrations and it was smack bang on accurate. Nice to get a battery voltage reading, don’t remember having that on Megajolt.

Ignition map is inspired by Rob’s Megajolt map that was running great on MJ before, interpolated since there’s so many extra rows and columns on the Megasquirt.

Megasquirt controlling ignition and sensing coolant temperature

This wiring is only temporary!

One last look at the carbs. Will miss the looks but not the way they ran.

Installed the MAP takeoff. As usual, marked it dead center but the drill somehow moved a bit and made it offset.

Manifold temporarily put in place so I can figure out hose lengths. Cotton braided vacuum hose is very nice, let’s hope it lasts.

Also installed the swirl pot / pump in the boot and pretty much rigged up the low pressure fuel side (just ran out of hose clips). Also drilled a hole to route the second high pressure line out of the boot and under the car. Will get some pics up tomorrow.

Had a frustrating day trying to put flares on the copper fuel pipe, the cheap flaring tool that’s supposed to do a nice bubble flare is rubbish and was a waste of money. Not sure now whether to solder some copper compression olives onto the copper pipe to use as barbs, or splurge on those really expensive AN-6 hardline adapters.

Oh and almost forgot to mention – the old throttle cable did actually do the trick. Ended up carefully cutting away at the outer cable to shorten that, and now have it working perfectly.


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