01 OctSome Ideas for Increasing MPG

Note that some are more realistic than others! The handbook for my 1500 gives 28.7 urban, 52.9 at 56mph, and 36.3 at 75mph. I’d say thats a pretty fair reflection of what my unmodified 1500 does today, and that’s promising. But surely we can do better right? Please add your own ideas in the comments box below if anything springs to mind:

  • Use an electric fan with thermostatic controller to reduce engine load
  • Inflate tyre pressures higher than 21 and 26 psi
  • Install a more accurate ignition (normal electronic or Megajolt)
  • Change the SU carbs for Electronic Fuel Injection mapped for good fuel economy
  • Reduce drag by fitting a lightweight fibreglass hardtop
  • Alloy water pump housing, gearbox bellhousing, engine front and back plates, distributor pedestal, alternator bracket, diff housing – all to reduce sprung weight
  • Alloy pulleys, water pump and wheel hubs to reduce rotational weight
  • Fit overdrive if it’s not there already
  • Change the diff ratio to something lower (eg. 3.63 to 3.21), keeping the engine revs lower
  • Fit pre-heater so you never ever have to use choke
  • Use thinner oil (modern synthetics tend to be thinner than mineral) in the engine and gearbox
  • Aluminium or fibreglass bodywork
  • Go on slim fast! 😀

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